Monday, February 26, 2007

Natalee Holloway - Lightning Rod

After following the Natalee Holloway story for close to two years it is interesting that she is such a lightning rod for a group of people. I am not talking about the group that believes she was most likely raped and murdered on the island of Aruba but rather the group that vehemently defends Joran Van Der Sloot, Paulus Van Der Sloot, the Kalpoe Brothers, and the island of Aruba in general. This group defends the above group, all of whom at one time or another were questioned or held in custody on the island of Aruba with little regard to fact or common sense. This group defends Joran and his cohorts with a vigor and a venom I can not remember in another missing person's case. Whether you believe Joran and the gang are guilty of a crime or not is really insignificant. It would seem to me that everyone would want Natalee Holloway to be found, whether dead or alive, so that one, she could be reunited with her parents if she were alive, or two, atleast have a proper burial if she were deceased. As well, all should want the guilty parties found and punished, if, in fact, there was a crime. At times I have seen Natalee depicted by this group of people as a drunk, a druggie, a young lady of questionable morals, and a tramp. I have seen her family depicted as media whores who have questionable intentions outside of finding their daughter. I have heard the family is in it for the money, they were trying to claim insurance, and on and on. This begs the question, why would Natalee or her family be the subject of any criticism at all? Whether the Holloway's are good people, I do not know, I do not know them, but I do know their daughter is missing and they have missed her on christmas, thanksgiving, her birthday and most likely everyday. Joran, the Kalpoe's and the others if nothing else are still alive and with their families. I think it is sad, that even a small group of people would demonize a missing girl and her family. And to what gain? Some may say that this group of boys and their families have been treated unfairly and to that I would say, maybe they have, but they brought much if not all of it on themselves by if nothing else lying intially. The story of the Holiday Inn if nothing else took away valuable time and resources from the most crucial time when finding Natalee was possible if not likely. It saddens me that a missing girl and her family would be talked about even my a minority of people in such a manner. As a society, I wish we could all pull together in the common goal of finding Natalee and not in degrading her or her family. It reminds me of "A Time To Kill", when Jake Brigance is talking to the jury at the end of the movie and describes the rape and torture of a young black girl to an all white jury and then tells them "Now, imagine she is white". I would tell this group, now imagine, you talking about your own daughter, sister, close friend, cousin or someone else close to you when you speak of this girl and her family.


Anonymous said...

"Whether you believe Joran and the gang are guilty of a crime or not is really insignificant."

You obviously do, but it is.

The real puzzle is the stream of "evidence" and "proof" from Beth that continues to turn out to be fabricated or imaginary.

Barking up the wrong tree.

Anonymous said...

Joran is guilty as hell and the karma train will be a real bitch one day down the road!