Friday, February 9, 2007

The Mojito

This weekend, enjoy a drink out of the ordinary, the mojito. The mojito is of cuban origin and is simple, refreshing and most importantly, tasty. Start by gathering your ingrediants: Agua Luca Brazillian Rum or the clear rum of your choice, fresh mint(available at any grocery store), club soda, fresh limes, and simple syrup. Start by taking a cocktail shaker, add ice, add two to three ounces of rum, the juice of one whole lime and simple syrup, then muddle or run a spoon over your mint to release the oils and add that to the shaker as well( three to five leaves). Let the mixture rest for about five minutes. This will allow the ingrediants to comingle. As a sidenote, simple syrup is simply equal parts sugar and water combined until the sugar is dissolved. In the meantime, take a highball glass similar to the one shown in the picture and add ice and squeeze a lime slice over the ice. Now, shake, keep shaking, keep shaking, now pour half the mixture into your glass. Top with club soda and add a couple more mint leaves. Give a stir and relax with friends, watch the game, enjoy the weather, do whatever you want to do. I think this will become one of your favorites. Or make it easy and when your out, order up a mojito!!

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