Thursday, February 15, 2007

Basa Rueda

If the name were not good enough, the wine is just that damn good. Obviously, from the vineyards of Spain, this is an excellent, inexpensive wine. Excellent with seafood and lighter fare, this is a highly enjoyable wine. I note a very distinct, very pleasant grapefruit taste that myself and my friends thouroughly enjoyed. This wine is somewhat difficult to locate, though Jax in Roswell always carrys it and it is also readily available online and can be shipped to Georgia. The cost is typically $7 to $10 and trust me, this is no disgusting Trader Joe's wine. Whether a novice wine drinker or a wine snob, you too will love this wine. This is the perfect spring or summer wine.

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Anonymous said...

I had the 2007 vintage last weekend and it is EXCELLENT. A lot of refreshing grapefruit flavor to it. Very nice summer wine. Very reasonably priced at about $13. If you enjoy sav blanc you will enjoy rueda. I give it a five stars out of five ranking. its a must try in my book.

I also recently had the 2006 Greg Norman Chardonnay which seemed very watered down and flavorless in all honesty.