Thursday, February 22, 2007

Lauren Conrad - well......

When Laguna Beach first came out, I think Lauren was the most likeable person on the show. As time has gone on, much like Britney we have discovered the real Lauren. Like Britney, she is not that bright, her work ethic is questionable on a good day(so far the highlight of her career at Teen Vogue was she lit a candle), her taste in men is drug addicts with crack mouth. All of that said, she is good looking and as this season of "The Hills" progresses I find myself liking Lauren more and more again. She was recently on Seacrest in LA and seemed to have little interest in doing a third season of the hills but I really hope she decides to do it. The drama seems to be back and I like she seems to be kicking or has already kicked that dirty tramp Heidi to the curb. I think Lauren is likable again because the people around her are even less likeable than she is and thats good enough for me. Lauren, here's some free advice, keep looking good, marry rich and do a couple more seasons of the hills. I give the hills two thumbs up this year. The life of a reality "star" and I use that term loosely is short and once the hills is over, your done. No more easy entry to the hot clubs, no more premieres, no more freebies and honey, lets face facts, you don't have much going for you.

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