Thursday, February 22, 2007

Britney: What Happened?

How did we go from this just a couple years ago to the bald mess you are today? Now, you might have been a drug addicted whore a couple of years ago but atleast you were a hot drug addicted whore. Over time, we found out you weren't a virgin, you smoked, you did drugs, you weren't as smart as my cat, but you were still hot. Now, your showing your dirty cooch all over town, eating cheetos, looking fatter by the day. And lets not even talk about the kids, you dropped Sean P on his head and actually cracked his skull, then he's flopping around in the backseat and your driving like Toonces from SNL, then you almost drop him in public because your drunk and you don't want to drop your gin n' tonic. What in the world happened? Was Larry Rudolph that damn good at hiding the real you? Did JT make you this mess? Federline? Perez Hilton? You are the new Anna Nicole. You are a mess and not even a hot mess!

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