Friday, February 23, 2007

Lisa Ann Taylor "Melissa Wolf"

This dirty tramp is on Q100 Atlanta this morning discussing her arrest for prostitution and running a brothel out of her Sugarloaf Country Club home. As is typical of guilty people, she has refused to comment on anything for the most part because her attorney's are not present. Which begs the question why did she not bring her attorney's? Also, she is now promoting her pimp and ho ball which it turns out is the reason she has really agreed to come on the radio. This lady no doubt is guilty, she is a madam, no different than Heidi Fleiss. I hope she is prosecuted and put in jail.

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David said...

Just because she makes more money at it than you is no reason to be so bitter. She didn't molest children, kill anyone, or even force anyone to do ANYTHING they didn't want to do. I can think of politicians currently in office who have done worse. Relax.